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Martin Aubé Industrial Designer
Martin Aubé
Industrial Designer
Photo credit : Émilie Tournevache, UQAM

Martin Aubé is an industrial designer from Québec, President of The Creative Unit Inc. (www.creativeunit.com), founded in June 2004.

He has a bachelor's degree in Industrial Design from the University of Montréal (1988) and has been a member of the Association des Designers Industriels du Québec (ADIQ) since 1992. He also holds a certificate in Aeronautics from l'École Polytechnique of the University of Montréal, a certificate in Fine Arts from Bishop's University, and has completed a second bachelor's degree in Art History at UQAM in 2009. He has also given courses (SSHGD instructor in transportation equipments design, UQAM) and has led seminars at the university level. Martin Aubé possesses 18 years of experience at Bombardier Inc. (Bombardier Recreational Products BRP and Bombardier Aerospace from 1986 to 2004). In 1998 he was granted the title of Expert Industrial Designer, advanced concepts. He contributed to many of Bombardier's achievements during those years.

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THE CREATIVE UNIT - Industrial Design

The Creative Unit Inc. studio, located on the south shore of Montreal, offers industrial design services, and specializes in transport design, both utilitarian and recreational.

It is characterized by its creativity, its exclusive customer service, a specific process adapted to the field of transportation and product design, through the use of specialized drawing techniques for fast visualization of the concepts. We also offer conceptual illustration, surface drawing, rendering, and follow-up services as well as formal recommendations for our customers' technical teams.
Our services and our fields of practice: Industrial design, Transportation design, Québec and Canadian industrial design, Recreational products, Product design, Conceptual illustrations, Rendering , Sketches, Surface drawing.

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